Fight For Independence - Dark Matter
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The Raza arrives at a Traugott colony to rescue their handler only to discover that their handler has disappeared, leaving behind his apprentice (and his much-more-competent bodyguard), and the colony has serious unrest.

The Traugott security forces are holed up in their facility, as the corporation is too busy with the growing interstellar war to bother with the backwater planet.

The workers, meanwhile, are growing more violently unhappy with the situation, which grows infinitely more tense when a fatal explosion at the plant occurs.

Despite incredible efforts by Six to broker some sort of accord between the two parties, the workers attack and the guards retaliate. By coincidence, on of the worker leaders has contacted Six's former revolutionary commander, The General.

The General arrives and tells the workers that he will back them up and lead them in their fight for freedom and independence. Despite Six's firm urging to reject The General and his bloody ways, they accept.

Just as Six and the others get ready to leave, Six is called back and discovers that The General has massacred the guards. Six responds by shooting The General in the head.

Six decides to stay behind and bring his leadership and guidance to the workers himself.

Back on the Raza, the Android discovers that Sarah, Three's deceased girlfriend, is still alive as a digital consciousness in the Raza computer core. When Five reveals this to the rest of the crew, Three is incredibly upset.

Ryo hires the best bounty hunters and assassins in the galaxy to track down the Raza, steal back the blink drive, and eliminate the crew.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Can we just skip to the part where you guys come out of hiding and get the jump on us? [armed people appear] There. That’s better.


When I said we were sending down a shuttle, I wasn’t asking for permission.