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Back at the Irish church, Bo (Peter Reckell) guesses the toy truck is a bomb and runs it outside. Inside, Hope returns to the tabernacle and opens the door this time.

Episode Recap: Part I

Hope finds a case inside but as she does, Andre demands she hand it over. Bo determines the bomb was a dud and rushes inside where he finds Andre confronting Hope.

She tosses the case to him but Andre pulls a knife and demands it. Bo eventually gives it to him and Andre escapes into the rain outside. Bo chases him but gets his arm slashed for his efforts. He tells Hope they must get to Andre before he reaches Stefano.

Jeremy asks Max for help and when he turns him down, Jeremy warns that he's in trouble too because he's been smuggling women into the country from Eastern Europe. He admits that Ilsa was one of those women but denies sleeping with her.

Episode Recap: Part II

Jeremy does reveal that Andre slept with her and that Rawlings was working for Andre. Max wants to call the police but then suggests Jeremy go to Rawlings and ask him to stop the operation.

Unaware she's just watched the DVD China gave her, Nick boasts that Mickey advised him the wedding isn't valid if he can't remember it. Showing him the video of the wedding, Nick claims that he's not acting "normal" but Chelsea points out the Justice of the Peace pronounced them husband and wife.

China interrupts and shows her husband drawings made by his new stepsons. Chelsea accuses China of pulling a scam but the woman insists she is Nick's wife and threatens a lawsuit. Nick vows to fight her.

She demands $25,000 and she'll disappear. Chelsea's impressed that Nick is standing up for himself.


Kayla and Steve find the baby stuff Kayla ordered already at their apartment as they bring home little "Pocket" from the hospital. She tells him she knows this is just temporary but he wonders how she'll react once the find a permanent home for the baby. Stephanie is shocked to see the baby and asks why they didn't tell her.

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