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Stephanie is forced to fight off a male customer on the next charter flight to Las Vegas after he pulls her onto his lap. She runs to complain to an unsympathetic Chelsea. The two end up arguing about boyfriends.

Flashing his badge, Jett (Marcus Patrick) informs Max that he and Jeremy are both in trouble with the law but adds that Max still has a way out if he wants to help. Max claims that he wouldn't have gotten involved with this project if Jett had been honest with him and accuses him of trying to blackmail him.


When the passenger gives Stephanie a hard time again, Max comes to her rescue. Roman visits Sami in Lucas' room and assures her that he will wake soon.

Out in the hall, he updates Kate who proclaims E.J. a hero for saving her son's life. Hearing her, a nearby E.J. decides to play up his new role. Kate is there when Lucas wakes.

Sami describes what happened and when she admits that she helped rescue him, Kate blurts out that it was E.J. who saved him. E.J. enters at that moment accompanied by a TV news crew.


When they ask for the story, E.J. has Sami describe the events that led up to the rescue. After E.J. escorts them out, Lucas claims that it was too much of a coincidence that E.J. happened to be there at the right time.

He wants to find out who sent him the text message supposedly from Kate.

Hearing this, E.J. guesses it was Andre but Lucas doesn't believe him. Accused of sending the message, E.J. asks why he would set him up to die and then rescue him. To keep her safe, E.J. suggests Sami stay with him while Lucas is in the hospital.

When he grabs Sami and asks her to leave with him, Lucas jumps out of bed only to fall flat on the floor and cry out that his legs don't work. Sami orders E.J. to leave and Roman backs her up with a warning that he thinks E.J. has the most to gain from Lucas' death.

Fortunately, the doctor announces that Lucas' legs will be fine.

Days of Our Lives
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