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Part One

Anna brings Tony for a visit with Roman (Josh Taylor) who claims he's healing nicely. As Tony waits in the hall and ends up talking with Stefano, Roman guesses to Anna that she has dumped him and gone back to Tony. She reminds him that he disappeared after they had sex and they argue about whom each loves.

Part Two

Tony assures Stefano that he still cares for him but lectures him that his vendetta has brought him nothing but loneliness. He urges him to turn in Andre but Stefano claims he got everything from the tabernacle and can now take care of the Bradys.

While Chelsea and Stephanie sit in the hot tub and talk about the obnoxious passenger, Max is wondering where Rawlings is.

Part Three

Jeremy explains how the women were brought into this country and to Las Vegas. Rawlings arrives and Jeremy announces that they have brought no women and want out of the arrangement. Rawlings laughs at the idea but Max is serious and starts to fight the thug only to be stopped by Jeremy. Max threatens to call the police but Rawlings points out they would be in just as much trouble and takes off.

Part Four

Max orders Jeremy to get Chelsea and Stephanie back on board so they can leave. Meanwhile, Jett has been observing all of this. When Stephanie admits how nice Max was to jump in to protect her, Chelsea downplays his help and pushes her to ask Jeremy about his other women.

Just then, Nick shows up with China Lee and her two boys. Nick warns her that he's getting an annulment tonight and sends them away.

Part Five

Nick then explains to Chelsea that he's going to win the $25,000 for China Lee tonight playing blackjack with money from an insurance policy he cashed in. Lucas asks Sami to stop going after Stefano but she claims she must because she feels a connection to Colleen.

As they start to have sex, the machines start beeping, bringing in nurses.

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