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At Kayla (Kristian Alfonso) and Steve’s, Kayla is getting ready to go to the hospital, Roman is being released. She says they won’t be long. Later Adrienne shows up with baby books for Steve.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide Part I

At the hospital, Bo and Hope are with Roman, who is dressed and ready to go. Bo asks what the hold up is. He says he can’t leave until Kayla arrives and gets the okay, otherwise his mom will move in with him and play nurse. Bo thinks it is cute that he’s afraid of his mom.

Later Kayla shows up, she asks how Roman is feeling. He says he’ll feel better when he gets back to work.

She says no no no, he can’t go back to work. Kayla says he can’t go back to work until she signs his form for the Salem PD. Roman says come on!

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide Part II

Later Roman is finally released. A nurse is going to show up with his wheel chair. Roman tells Bo they need to get to the station. Bo says give himself a night off. Roman knows Andre is coming after him, he'll want to finish what he started.

Kayla returns to the hotel with Pocket. She apologizes to Steve, she knows she should have left Pocket with him. Steve says she was being a mama and wanted to protect him.

Stephanie and Chelsea talk about Max. Stephanie says Jeremy doesn’t know what happened and can’t find out. Chelsea says so Jeremy is her boyfriend and what, she and Max are hooking up? Stephanie says no!


Later Jett shows up to try and talk to Chelsea. She says she has to go meet Nick. Jett asks her for just five minutes. She thinks they’ve already said what they need to.

In the hotel room, a man drops off China Lee’s kids...

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