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PART ONE: When she presses him to reveal what secret he's hiding from her, Jeremy warns Stephanie that she would leave him if she knew. She insists on knowing the truth so Jeremy claims he was just trying to help people get into this country. Stephanie lays into him and points out that her father was right about him.

PART TWO: As they argue, Jeremy reveals that he loves her but Stephanie accuses him of manipulating her. She gets him to repeat that he loves her and invites him to join her in the hot tub. Jenna and Max pass them as they argue, but when they stop at the elevators, Jenna kisses him passionately. She continues in the elevator and rips off his shirt, followed by his pants. She then manages to handcuff him to the elevator car and, as she snaps photos of him, he realizes that she's working for Rawlings.

PART THREE: Instead, she calls the rude passenger from the jet and tells him it's all done. In the Las Vegas hotel room Nick sends China Lee's kids to bed and then tells Chelsea about her arrest and jailing. He adds that until his marriage is annulled, he's the boys' father for the next 30 days. Chelsea suggests he call the police and let them take the kids but he refuses. She blasts him for not putting her first in his life and runs to find Jett so they can go dancing.

PART FOUR: Setting up a candlelight dinner at the Pub to celebrate, Shawn advises Belle (Martha Madison) that he has found a place for them to live. After he says that they will be living upstairs at the Pub, rent free, Belle quickly states that she won't live there. Accusing him of making decisions without consulting her, Belle claims that she doesn't want to move Claire right now. He guesses she doesn't want to move away from Philip.

As they argue, Philip interrupts and Nick boasts about their decision to move into the Pub but Belle insists she's not moving until they have a permanent place to live. Shawn asks her not to choose Philip over him.

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