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PART 1: With John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena accompanying them, Doug and Julie arrive with more of the translated letters. In the next letter, Colleen seeks the elder Shawn's help lying to the priest and nun so that she can meet with Santo. Shawn urged her not to go to Santo and when Colleen claimed that she and Santo were just friends, Shawn asked to tag along. Colleen talked about her desire for a future different from what their father wants and about how exciting America is. Shawn again asked her not to make him lie for her.

PART 2: Colleen ran out and ended up meeting Santo whom she accused of not being faithful to his now-dead wife. Santo told her that he was and offered her his heart, advising her to go back to her father if she wants that life otherwise she should stay with him. After Colleen decided to stay, the two kissed and headed to bed only to be interrupted by Sister Mary Anne. Philip listens as Belle and Shawn argue about why she wants to stay with Philip. Shawn finally insists that Philip confirm that he wants Belle back. Philip claims that he only wants to be close to Claire and while he wants a friendship with Belle, if he wanted to get rid of Shawn, he would have called the police about his involvement with Lauren.

PART 3: Angry, Shawn and Philip start fighting only to be stopped by Belle. Philip then tells Belle that she's got to consider what is best for Claire and Belle asks Shawn to give her a few minutes alone. Philip admits to Belle that he knows Shawn wasn't involved with Lauren but adds the DNA test came back positive. Telling him he will find his baby, Belle promises he will be part of Claire's life. Later, Belle agrees to move out of the mansion but insists Philip gets time with Claire.

Days of Our Lives
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