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Doug and Julie, along with John Black and Marlena, arrive at the Pub with the next translated letter from Santo and Colleen. In this letter Colleen regrets not wearing her nun's habit when meeting Santo as he requested.

He states that his wife died three days ago and he wishes that he could have brought their son back to see her one more time. As he holds her, Colleen states that she has promised her life to the church. He asks for one more kiss and promises to leave her if she doesn't react to it.

After the kiss, Colleen tells Santo to leave but as they argue, he slips off a nearby cliff. She pulls him to safety and, thanking her for saving his life, he promises to do as she asks and sends her away. Rolf offers to give Stefano medication and warns that his pain will get worse but Stefano puts him off.

Tony secretly watches and, when Bart considers using the needle Rolf left behind for his own pain from Sami's shooting, Tony jumps out and knocks him out. He then injects Stefano. As he starts to get drowsy, Tony rips open Stefano's shirt and takes the key around his neck. Stefano vows to "destroy him" and when Tony taunts him with it, Stefano grabs the key back and hands it to Bart. Grabbing a samurai sword from the wall, Tony demands the key but Bart swallows it. Andre arrives and a duel begins.

As they battle, Andre accidentally skewers Bart. A dazed Stefano is shocked to see Bart bleeding profusely and asks Andre why he did it.

After Tony leaves, Rolf examines Bart who, moments later, dies. Stefano orders Andre to find the key. Drinking at the docks, E.J. considers Stefano's suggestion to get rid of Lucas. When Kate finds him drinking, she reminds him they had a meeting about saving the company.

He's unimpressed so she tries to slap some sense into him. Angry, he grabs her and blasts her and Stefano for hitting him. He tells her to go start her own business and makes a vague threat about Lucas only to tell her afterwards that he didn't mean it. Later, he tells himself it's time to get rid of Lucas.

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