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Billie (Julie Pinson) finds a lead on Lauren at a women's shelter in Tulsa and when she can't go, she suggests that Philip take a woman in case no one there will talk with a man. Billie suggests he take Belle to pose as Lauren's concerned sister but Philip guesses she won't go.


Max advises Shawn that there is no job for him at the garage because he's going to lose the business. When Shawn guesses his business on the side wasn't legal, Max explains that they have one flight left and then it's over. Shawn suggests they talk with Bo about his troubles but Max refuses and explains that his investment came from mortgaging the garage.


When Belle (Martha Madison) interrupts, Max covers as Shawn decides not to tell her he has no job. After she leaves, Max urges Shawn to tell Belle the truth. Belle runs into Philip who quickly convinces her to come to Tulsa with him. As Lucas pounds on the door to the steam room, Sami screams that E.J. is there with her and that he has stopped breathing. Sami then performs CPR on E.J. but finds herself kissing him too.


When Lucas finally breaks into the steam room, Sami explains that Lucas was shocked while trying to stop the ceiling fan and orders Lucas to give him CPR. He reluctantly does so and E.J. finally starts breathing on his own again. When he opens his eyes, he thanks Lucas for saving his life.


Later, Lucas admits he fears Sami and E.J. will end up together.

Steve advises Bo that he is taking the liver and giving it back to Benjy. When a doctor arrives and demands the cooler with the slice of liver, Bo tells Steve he must turn it over and forces him to do so when Steve refuses. Later, Rolf reports the operation was a success. Bo decides to set a trap for Andre by making him think Stefano died.

Days of Our Lives
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