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Heading out for the hospital, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) decides to leave Pocket with Steve, even though she's a bit nervous about it. Steve tells her not to worry.

He has everything under control. But the minute Kayla walks out the door, the baby starts to wail.

Episode Recap, Part One

Steve tries every trick in the book to calm the infant, to no avail. He calls Hope (Kristian Alfonso), and she helps him see that Pocket is just hungry. Steve feeds him, and the baby turns into an angel.

The incident, however, freaks Steve out.

At the hospital, Lexie sits vigil at an unconscious Benjy's bedside. Kayla arrives, assuring her they'll get Benjy through this together.

As they wait for some sign of improvement, Kayla worries about what's going on at home with Steve and Pocket. Lexie reminds Kayla what a wonderful father figure Steve was to Benjy.

Finally, Benjy comes to, much to the tremendous relief of Lexie and Kayla. When Kayla arrives home, she's thrilled to see that all is in order. She says Steve must know now that he'll make a great dad, but he secretly harbors doubts.

Episode Recap, Part Two

Shawn tells Hope he'll soon be out of a job. He's been thinking about a new career - as a cop. Hope doesn't like the idea, fearing she may lose another son. Shawn points out the many reasons the job would be a good idea, and Hope grudgingly accepts it.

She advises Shawn to share all of this with Belle as soon as possible. He resolves to do it tonight. But when Belle tells him she's going with Philip to Tulsa to search for the baby, Shawn shuts down, revealing nothing of his situation or his plans.

Belle maintains if Philip finds his son, he'll be less inclined to spend time with Claire.


Philip arrives to take Belle to the airport, and, when he gets a moment alone with Shawn, the two lay it all on the line. Shawn accuses Philip of using tricks to get Belle all to himself.

Philip hints he just might stand in the way of a Belle-Shawn marriage.

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