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As the medical examiners cover Bart's lifeless body, Stefano and Rolf wonder where the key might be. Kate interrupts, seeking Stefano's help and leaks that she just came from E.J. Pointing out that it was Lucas who turned her in, Stefano suggests that both of their kids have failed them. She asks for money to hold her over until the company gets back on track and promises to pay him back.

Plot Outline

Stating a dying man has no need for money, Stefano hints that he'd like her friendship and she responds with a kiss. After he writes her a check, Kate takes him upstairs. As they continue to read the Santo and Colleen letter, a bleeding Santo urges Colleen to walk away but she stays to tend to the wound. The two end up kissing but again Colleen pulls back and states that they can't do this. Santo asks her to be "my woman."

They're interrupted when Tony (Thaao Penghlis) bursts into the Pub.

Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) assumes he's Andre and pulls a gun on him. Tony claims he had his hands on the key. Proving that he is who he claims, Tony explains that Andre stabbed Bart after he swallowed Stefano's key. John and Bo join Tony as they head to the mansion where they order a paramedic to cut Bart open. After he's wheeled out, John spots Kate with Stefano. Tony returns to John with the key.

The letter finishes with the elder Shawn interrupting Colleen to let her know the nuns need her. Santo asks if she'll be back, but she won't say.


Kayla is upset when she and Steve find Stephanie moving out. She asks how she intends to pay for her new apartment but Adrienne arrives and announces that Stephanie is moving in with her. This leads to another argument and Stephanie stuns everyone by claiming she's going to marry Jeremy, admitting later that he hasn't asked but is hoping he does so.

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