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At the hospital Jett advises Abe that his cover has been blown and explains why he told his secret to Chelsea. Abe downplays seeing Lexie again as he tells him that Lexie wants nothing to do with him. After admitting that she tried to blackmail Nick (Blake Berris), Kate hands Chelsea the check for $50,000.


Claiming it's for school and that she doesn't have to pay her back, Kate asks her not to wind up like her. Chelsea thanks her and states that it shows her how much Kate loves her.

Kate suggests it's time for her to forgive Billie for sleeping with Nick. She also tells her that Nick is a great guy. Kate then goes in to see an unconscious Roman and confesses all she has done, admitting she even slept with Stefano.

Roman opens his eyes, revealing he heard everything. Embarrassed, Kate admits she did it to save the business and claims that she used Stefano. Celeste tries to convince Lexie that it's safe to come out of hiding but Lexie points out that Andre is still on the loose.

Celeste pushes her to go see Abe, but Lexie claims Abe will want nothing to do with her. Reminding her how the DiMera family controlled her, Celeste adds that they did the same to Lexie and urges her to end this madness.

Later, Abe spots Lexie.

Calling Stephanie to the docks, Nick tells her that some cops had plenty of questions about Jeremy and he fears he's doing something illegal. He warns that she may get into trouble because of Jeremy but asks her not to say anything to her boyfriend about this because Nick may get into trouble.

Stephanie assures him she is his friend but later, when Jeremy arrives, she warns him about the police but won't admit how she found out.


He guesses it was her father and denies he's doing anything illegal. She then lets slip that it was Nick who told her. Chelsea tells Nick about the check and he mentions telling Stephanie about Jett (Marcus Patrick).

Impressed, she kisses him and asks him to meet her later.

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