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Part 1: E.J. sends a text message to Lucas supposedly from Kate (Lauren Koslow). Not denying that he was in Indianapolis, Shawn tells Belle he had nothing to do with the phone calls Philip has been getting. He does admit he got a call from Mimi about the divorce being final but assures her he didn't go to Indianapolis. Spotting Lauren the surrogate hiding in the bushes, Shawn sends Belle to the Pub. Lauren wants this over and suggests he take the baby to Philip. She shows him a birth certificate to prove she had the baby but he won't help her anymore.

Part 2: After Bo introduces John and Marlena to Jim, a lock expert, Jim announces that the key taken from Stefano comes from the Vatican and suggests that it might open a tabernacle in Ireland. Bo convinces everyone that he should fly there. Belle arrives and announces that she will be attending Salem University this fall. John quickly offers to pay her tuition and suggests a "married" dorm but Belle insists on staying with Philip. Marlena lectures her after figuring out Belle never told Shawn the truth about the origin of her new clothes. Roman urges Sami to forget about going after Stefano and reminds her of the safety of the babies she's carrying. Lucas hears cries for help and thinks it's his mother who's in trouble. Following the sound, Lucas ends up at a truck where he finds a dummy in the front seat with a tape recorder next to it, playing the cries for help.

Part 3: E.J. surprises him and locks him inside the refrigerated truck. Later, E.J. arrives at the hospital. Roman and Sami aren't pleased to see him lurking. When Kate arrives, Sami asks about Lucas and she denies sending him a text message. Sami quickly assumes it's a trap. She and E.J. find Lucas' car and eventually see the truck. Sami insists Lucas is inside but when she can't break open the lock, E.J. convinces her to leave.

Days of Our Lives
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