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Bo asks Billie if Lucas stayed in his apartment the entire night while Sami and E.J. were getting married. Billie says Lucas did go to the church to see Sami but then returned to the sitter. Bo asks what he did with the gun.

Episode Recap, Part I

Billie is stunned he knows so Bo mentions his trip to Cincinnati. He then asks if Lucas asked her to lie for him. She again avoids the question but Bo sees through her and walks out. He questions the babysitter but learns nothing. As Lucas rushes past Sami and out of his apartment to pick up the package with the gun, E.J. calls the delivery company and, pretending to be Lucas, requests the package be delivered to his place. Sami slips across the hall and pounds on E.J.'s door. He rushes back into his wheelchair and lets her in...

Episode Recap, Part II

Sami (Alison Sweeney) finds E.J.'s baby monitor and realizes he's been spying on them. Back at home, Shawn tells Belle that Philip used her to make him look bad again because he wants to destroy their relationship. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) interrupts and asks for a recap of the high school reunion but gets none. Alone with her, Belle (Martha Madison) tells Hope that nothing happened at Philip's hotel room and when she blames Chloe for telling, Hope reminds her that Belle still broke her promise. Later, Shawn tells Belle she can't see Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) anymore or their marriage is over.


Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) warns Kate (Lauren Koslow) the package wasn't at the warehouse. She guesses it's coming to his place and sends him home. The cop trailing Lucas calls Bo about his meeting with Kate so Bo and Hope confront her while E.J. gets his hands on the package.

Days of Our Lives
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