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Days of Our Lives

Episode Recap, 12.14.07

Chloe asks Philip to buy her a drink and is rejected. Chloe warns he will never have Belle (Martha Madison), but he can have her. Hope asks to speak with Philip. Alone.

She tells him to stop interfering in Shawn's marriage.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) returns to Chloe, and tells her he changed his mind - he'd like to buy her that drink. Bo confronts Kate, demanding to know what's in Lucas' package. Kate claims she has no idea. Bo gets a call that the cops have tracked the delivery of Lucas' package to EJ.

Lucas realizes EJ (James Scott) has the package. At the same time, EJ tries to open the package, but he's interrupted, first by the delivery man who wants it back, then by his physical therapist who wants him to try and walk. Sami arrives and accuses him of eavesdropping on her and Lucas.

EJ denies and, alone at last, opens the package and finds the gun.

Days of Our Lives
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