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Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part I: Sami complains to Marlena (Deidre Hall) that Lucas lied to her but adds that he insists he didn't shoot E.J. The two discuss what happened back at the church and Sami ends up blaming herself for Lucas' actions. Sami (Alison Sweeney) states that Lucas knows she's playing a game with E.J., Marlena warns that she doesn't want John's (Drake Hogestyn) death to go unpunished.

A frantic Stephanie (Shelley Henning) finds Cordy in the bathroom holding a bottle of pills, and when Cordy claims that Stephanie can't know how she feels, Stephanie confesses that Ford raped her too. She urges her friend to stop blaming herself for what Ford did to her and admits she doesn't deserve her friendship .

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part II: At the sorority, Max is touched as Morgan surprises him with a special present. Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) apologizes to Nick for being so busy and then talks about Ford being missing. She claims he hasn't been seen since he left the sorority.

Hearing Carmen scream, Chelsea runs downstairs only to learn she screamed because of the cold water in her shower. Guessing the cold water means a problem with the heater, Nick offers to go and take a look at it in the basement but Max insists on going alone. Chelsea convinces Nick to come back to her bedroom. Max warns Morgan that the heater needs to be replaced...

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