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As Days of Our Lives begins on this 19th of December, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) meet with the district attorney who offers a plea deal.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) has invited Alessandro, a South American president whom the DiMeras have placed into power, and asks him to off his nemesis.

Max wants Stephanie to tell him what's on her mind, but she plays it off as no big deal.

Max gets a little bit hurt that she isn't confiding in him.

The D.A. explains to Philip and Kate that the plea is a one-time offer and is not negotiable. If she pleads guilty to making terrorist threats, the maximum prison sentence will be 18 months. Kate isn't happy about it.

At Marlena's (Deidre Hall) house, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is over to help her go through John's belongings. Marlena admits she threatened Stefano enough to put the fear of God into him.

Max and Stephanie sit down at the bar at Chez Rouge. She apologizes for being such a jerk. He holds her hand and asks her to talk, but she just changes the subject to Cordy.

Philip and Kate don't accept the plea bargain, even though if Kate is found guilty, the minimum sentence she'll have to serve is seven years.

Stefano shows Alessandro the threat letters he received.

Stephanie continues to pick fights with Max.

Marlena freaks when she finds a bag of the clothes John was wearing when he died.

The D.A. is about to leave, but Philip takes out the big guns. He plops a bundle of printouts of emails between Roman and the DA about getting Marlena off the hook. In light of this new evidence, the D.A. offers Kate a new plea bargain, which wouldn't require her to serve time.

Rolf brings Stefano into a super secret room in the mansion where a body is lying on the table, covered up in a tent. Whatever Rolf was working on with the person on the table is done.

Max lays it all out on the table and tells Stephanie he likes her.

Marlena looks at the picture.  Hope and Marlena realize that it must be from John's real mother, who was trying to contact him before he died.  Marlena wants to track her down.

Stefano waxes poetic about the rise and fall of the DiMera Dynasty.

Max tells Stephanie that he broke up with Morgan. They start to kiss but can't go through with it... at least he can't.

Kate finally agrees that she'll wear a wire to Stefano's if she has to, which is enough to satisfy the DA ...

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