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As Days of Our Lives resumes, E.J. invites Sami into bed but she turns him down and accuses him of faking his disability. E.J. denies it and claims he knows Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) shot him. Sami vows that she will never sleep with him again.

At the Chez Rouge, Kate assures Lucas that all she is going to be charged with is a misdemeanor at best and hints that he won't have any legal problems anymore either.

Lucas finally reveals that he's in big trouble because once the police test the bullet still inside E.J., they'll realize that he did shoot E.J. He also decides to plead guilty though Kate suggests he flee the country. After a call from the D.A.'s office, Roman (Josh Taylor) lets Marlena (Deidre Hall) know that the charge against her has been reduced to a misdemeanor. She guesses he's responsible for this and thanks him.

Hope sits herself down at Belle's table at the Pub and confronts her about her feelings for Philip again. Belle denies she has feelings for Philip any more and, when confronted about the hotel room incident, insists nothing happened there. The two women then lash out at each other.

Shawn boasts to Philip that he's going to tell Bo that Philip planted the gun he "found" but Philip claims Belle will be charged as an accessory if he does. Bo interrupts and Philip denies everything Shawn claims.

Shawn asks Bo not to tell Hope (Kristian Alfonso). When Shawn tells Belle the police know about the gun, she privately calls Philip who tells her that it was Shawn who dropped a dime on her.

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