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As Days of Our Lives gets underway, EJ (James Scott) walks up to Stefano's door but the locks are changed. Rolf informs EJ that Stefano is not home, and no one is allowed in.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is looking for Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). She calls Roman (Josh Taylor) over. He reveals that he has put out an APB on Lucas and Kate (Lauren Koslow).

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is alone and Max (Darin Brooks) shows up to ask her to breakfast. He wants to know what's up, and she breaks down in tears.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Nick (Blake Berris) are having a cozy morning at the sorority. Chelsea suggests that they might be ready to have sex! But Ford's father arrives and ruins that... and possibly a lot else.

Roman promises Sami that they will eventually find Lucas, but when they do, he'll have to arrest him for attempted murder. This is a major development.

EJ digs through Stefano's stuff, but an unknown person dressed in black hits him from behind and EJ falls over. The person is not revealed to us.

Chelsea tells Ford's dad Ford was a rapist.

Max suspects Ford may have hurt Stephanie.

Sami pleads with Roman not to arrest Lucas

Stefano comes into the living room to find EJ lying on the ground. He says it was his houseguest who hit him. Stefano is, as expected, furious.

Roman promises to send a car for Sami as soon as he finds Lucas.

Just as Max asks Steph if Ford forced himself on her, Chelsea calls Steph to ask for help. At the sorority, Ford's dad asks where the basement is, and just as he's about to go downstairs, Billie (Julie Pinson) shows up and forbids him from searching anything without a warrant.

Stephanie tells Max that she wants to come clean about Ford's death to Bo.

EJ eavesdrops on Stefano telling his houseguest not to leave the premises.  EJ then asks Stefano who the houseguest, but Stefano is not saying jack.

EJ goes over to Sami's. She's not really surprised to see him walking as she thinks he was lying all along. She also thinks Stefano was behind it.

Chelsea lies to Billie and Nick about not knowing anything about Ford. On the sly, she calls Stephanie and Max to get over there right away.

Rolf runs down the stairs in a panic to tell Stefano that their house guest is gone. EJ promises to help Sami find Lucas before the police do.

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