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While Billie and Sergeant Dodd search upstairs and the security camera is covered, Max and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) move Ford's body out of the house.

EJ (James Scott) tracks down Kate and Lucas. He convinces Sami to let him watch the twins while Sami tries to get to Lucas before the cops do.

Lucas has second thoughts about running away, but Kate tells him that if he goes to jail, Stefano will make sure he never comes out.

A trucker arrives to take Kate and Lucas to Mexico, but Sami (Alison Sweeney) shows up and pleads with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) not to go.

Marlena tells Hope about her encounter with Crystal. They go to the psychic's store, but it's closed. After they leave, Crystal emerges.

Stefano and Rolf discover that their guest has escaped the mansion

The unidentifiable man ends up at Chez Rouge where he almost runs into Marlena and Hope. He finally returns to the mansion before being seen. Stefano tells Rolf to make sure their friend does not leave the house again.

Days of Our Lives
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