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Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part I
When Lucas finds Sami on E.J.'s lap, he attacks E.J. though Sami manages to separate them before they fight. Sami (Alison Sweeney) claims she tripped and fell onto his lap but E.J. (James Scott) points out that Sami is lying. He claims that Sami is falling in love with E.J. and urges Lucas to ask her.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part II
Bo (Peter Reckell) boasts to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) that Shawn's discovery of the gun with Kate's (Lauren Koslow) fingerprints boosted his standing at the station house. She's stunned when Bo leaks that it was Belle who wrote the letter that kept Shawn out of the police academy.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part III
As the sorority sisters make their plans to trap Ford, Sloan has second thoughts about being left alone with him. Morgan joins in to support their plan but when Ford calls Sloan to tell her he's on his way, Sloan chickens out so Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) agrees to take over. Ford arrives, suspicious to find Chelsea waiting, not Sloan.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part IV

Chelsea explains that she had a fight with Morgan and dumped Nick because she likes to have fun. Ford has his doubts but she claims she's always been attracted to him. Chelsea makes a drink and, when she's not looking, spikes her drink. As the drug takes effect, Ford makes a move and as Chelsea yells "no," the sorority sisters surprise Ford!

Days of Our Lives
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