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PART I: Stefano blames E.J.'s shooting on Sami (Alison Sweeney). Sami then points out she was marrying E.J. (James Scott) to end the vendetta not to continue it. He guesses Roman was the shooter. Belle complains as Philip offers to give her and Claire a ride home from the hospital. He then asks if he can take Claire to see Sami and tells her about the shooting.

PART II: Once he does, he takes Claire and Belle (Martha Madison) home. There, he presses Belle to admit her feelings and kisses her. Ordered to get out, Philip leaves a card with his private phone number on it. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) lies to Bo that he was in his apartment at the time of the shooting. Bo (Peter Reckell) can't help but be curious how he knew E.J. was shot after he and Sami were married.

PART III: Stopping by the DiMera mansion, Kate denies shooting E.J. but he threatens her. Bo interrupts and asks Kate where she's been. Kate claims she was driving around at the time of the shooting and when Bo asks where she got her gun, she insists she threw it away after buying it on the street.

PART IV: Abe finds Roman (Josh Taylor) at the church, looking at E.J.'s dried blood on the floor. Roman denies being there so Abe asks where he was. Roman explains that Bo sent him home and took his gun from him. The man from the forensics department asks Abe to get the three bullets from E.J. so he can examine them. After Abe (James Reynolds) leaves, Roman remembers pointing his gun at E.J. but did not shoot...

PART V: But he does remember the sound of gunshots coming from either side of him. Shawn finally gets the messages Belle left for him and rushes home where he guesses Philip was with her. Belle insists she told Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) she's with Shawn. Lucas packs up his gun and mails it to himself. Talking with Sami, Roman notices a bullet hole in her wedding dress ...

Days of Our Lives
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