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PART ONE: Lucas is pleased when Sami (Alison Sweeney) returns home. He says he promised he would bring her home and now vows that she will never leave him. Sami announces that Stefano wants her back at the hospital. Lucas says that in spite of the wedding, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is threatening people again. Sami warns that one of the bullets was meant for her.

PART TWO: After arguing with Stefano, Roman (Josh Taylor) asks Dr. Berman if he removed the bullet from E.J. The bullet is lodged in his spine and has paralyzed him. E.J. wakes and Stefano reveals that he was shot and is paralyzed. Stefano mentions that this happened after the two were pronounced husband and wife.

PART THREE: Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) confronts a nervous Kate with the gun she asked him to hide and asks if it was used to shoot E.J. Kate denies it. She claims she bought the gun after she went into "partnership" with Stefano but adds that she never fired it. Pointing out he found gunpowder residue on the handle, he demands to know who did fire it.

PART FOUR: Kate claims she did shoot it ... out in the woods, to practice. Philip tosses the gun back at her and then forces the truth out. Kate says at that point that she went to the church, pointed her gun but couldn't decide who to shoot: Sami or E.J. She says it went off accidentally and she fled after hearing more shots.

EPILOGUE: Philip offers to "take care of it." Hope (Kristian Alfonso) finds her husband searching for clues. Roman arrives with news about E.J. (James Scott) and refuses to spy on Kate in hopes of finding a gun...

Days of Our Lives
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