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On Days of our Lives, November 14 style, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) starts out loitering outside of the dean's meeting. Morgan shows up, and they say Cordy's testimony is the only way to prove Ford is the rapist.

Unfortunately, Cordy hasn't shown up yet.

Meanwhile, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is out in the hall talking to Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Kayla asks if Stephanie has seen her father. Kayla gets off the phone and finds Steve (Stephen Nichols) looking for clues.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) asks Kate (Lauren Koslow) for his gun back because he doesn't want the police to get their hands on it and trace it back to him.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) visits EJ (James Scott) at the hospital. He says that he'd rather that she not pretend to care about his paralyzed condition.

Billie (Julie Pinson), Jett (Marcus Patrick) and the dean come out of the room to introduce himself to the girls. Ford then shows up.

Ford says that since he is the son of a board member, so as soon as he is let off the hook, he's going to ask his daddy to revoke Alpha Chi Theta's charter. Ford makes fun of Chelsea's taste and things get heated.

Steve tells Kayla that he was at an autoparts store during the wedding, but he doesn't have any proof.

EJ tells Sami that he wants her to go home to Lucas and that he'll talk to his father to end the vendetta anyway. EJ wants this because he has nothing to offer Sami anymore.

Chelsea can't get ahold of Cordy and suspects that Ford did something to Cordy to prevent her from showing up. Sami tells Lucas all about EJ - she fears that if EJ dies, Stefano is going to hold them responsible.

At the hospital, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) tells EJ to stop sulking.

At the last minute, Cordy shows up. She tells Billie and the girls that she can't testify against Ford.

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