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PART I: Admitting her own incident with Nick's boss, Chelsea urges Cordy to be strong and testify against Ford. Cordy worries that this will ruin her reputation and her life. Stephanie says the same thing happened to her mother and that she didn't get better until she told all. Cordy reconsiders until Ford stares at her and she backs off. Morgan then decides to testify against him. But after Morgan speaks, Ford's dad Crawford rips apart her testimony. He convinces the dean his son is innocent.

PART II: After they leave, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) convinces her sorority sisters to put up fliers warning the campus about Ford. As the doctors work to save E.J.'s life, Stefano tells Tony he called him to the hospital because he thinks that he can save his son. Tony doubts it and when Kate interrupts, Stefano asks her to step in and save E.J. She doesn't believe she can do anything to help but goes inside. E.J. asks Stefano to get him a gun because he can't live like this.

PART III: Meanwhile, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is now tormented by a vision of Colleen who is urging her to go back to E.J. and save his life. Lucas meets Philip out in the hall and asks about the gun. Philip insists he threw the gun into the lake. But when Lucas explains he wants to know if the gun was fired recently, Philip doesn't answer. Sami brushes by them, claiming she has an errand to do. After Lucas returns, Philip removes the gun ... Sami enters E.J.'s hospital room and says she cares about him.

Days of Our Lives
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