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Part 1 -- Kate lies that she threw her gun away, but Bo (Peter Reckell) presses her for the truth and the gun, vowing to search her place, and, seeing Roman, Kate asks him to intercede but she panics when he tells Bo that Abe (James Reynolds) called to say "they've got it." When she won't admit the truth, Bo orders her statement to be taken while Roman threatens to have her charged with perjury. After hearing Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) complain that Sami is with E.J., Billie suggests it's due to the shooting which may have drawn her closer to him. Lucas announces he is going to sue for sole custody of the unnamed girl Sami just gave birth to.

Part 2 -- E.J. (James Scott) tells Sami (Alison Sweeney) that he decided he can't live this way and therefore wants to end his life. Telling him she cares about him, Sami asks him to fight to stay alive for their son's sake. As she hints that she may not love Lucas anymore, he presses her to confirm she could love him. Instead, she hops into bed with him and claims she'll let him die in her arms. Later, a cop brings Will over to Lucas and explains he was caught drinking with some other kids.

Part 3 -- Steve stops by the Pub but his search of the bar is interrupted by Shawn. He quickly heads outside and calls someone about failing to get what he wanted. Bo arrives and chastises Shawn for leaving the station house early. Mentioning Steve's visit, Shawn admits he did some snooping and shows Bo the gun he found behind the bar. Bo confronts Steve when he returns. In the interrogation room, Roman shows Kate a gun ...

Days of Our Lives
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