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  • Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is drinking alone in a bar when a brunette hits on him. Belle (Martha Madison) finds that Hope has set up the site for the ceremony.
  • Sami (Alison Sweeney) is angry when Lucas (Bryan Datillo) tells her that he sent Will to go back to Switzerland to live with Carrie and Austin.

Kayla asks Stephanie to talk to her. Stephanie reminds Kayla about that night she came home late, upset about Max, and she had made out with some boy. It went further than that, and she didn't use protection.

Hope makes Belle some tea and asks her to talk. Belle assures her she loves Shawn (Brandon Beemer), but Hope wants to know if she loves him enough. Sami confronts Lucas about letting Will go without saying goodbye to her. Lucas accuses Sami for being with EJ (James Scott).

Max advises Philip to get over Belle and meet other women. Hope tells Belle that she wants Belle to be sure that marrying Shawn is what she wants to do. If she's not ready Hope will help her.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) comes home and wants to get some from Kayla. But unfortunately, the pregnancy test box is on the couch.

Morgan Hollingsworth shows Max Brady (Darin Brooks) the "Ford Decker is a date rapist" flyers that she plans to distribute all over the college campus.

Morgan invites Max to have Thanksgiving with her family because she's afraid that he'll be lonely on Thanksgiving. But Max reminds her that he's related to the whole town and has a wedding to attend to boot.

Belle is furious that Hope told Kayla her secret, but Hope throws it back at her. Lucas tells Sami he wants custody of their daughter.

Max taunts Philip for having so much money, but Philip is miserable that he doesn't have Belle at his side.

Belle and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) end their conversation lovingly. Hope tells Belle that she's more daughter than daughter-in-law.

Kayla and Steve remember Pocket. Steve doesn't want Kayla to think he'd be disappointed if she got pregnant. On the contrary. He'd be thrilled.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) rushes out with the pregnancy test, but stops when she realizes Steve is there.

Days of Our Lives
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