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Hope (Kristian Alfonso) lectures Shawn about the trials and tribulations of marriage and asks him if he's sure he's ready. While he tries on his tux, Bo urges Hope to let the happy couple do what they want.

Belle (Martha Madison) tells Philip about Hope and their secret and decides she can't get married because she would be too embarrassed. When she considers telling Shawn, Philip warns that it's a bad idea.

He kisses her and things get more passionate, Shawn calls and orders him to stay away from the wedding. Adrienne congratulates Chelsea on her work to warn the campus about Ford.

As Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) loudly boasts of their effort to ruin Ford, he pops his head into the bar and hears her. Billie advises her daughter that this is not a game and privately invites Chelsea to move back home.

Ford interrupts and shows Chelsea and the other "sisters" all the flyers he found. He claims they're all going to need lawyers as he take them to court for libel. Billie orders him to get out and when won't Chelsea punches him and bloodies his nose. Leaving, he vows to get even with her.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) covers when she emerges with the pregnancy test strip and finds her father there. Kayla gets Steve to leave and then reads the strip to let her daughter know that she is not pregnant.

Stephanie admits she got one and it was negative. After she leaves, Steve confronts Kayla about the test and she assures him it was negative. Kayla's forced to admit she doesn't know who their daughter slept with.

Days of Our Lives
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