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Stefano confronts Bo about the investigation of his son's shooting. Bo insists they are being very thorough but Stefano hints that they probably aren't investigating one suspect and mentions the woman in black.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is shocked to find E.J. eating and feeling great.

E.J. claims his turnaround is due to her feelings for him and tells her she saved his life. Sami admits she's upset because Lucas sent Will to Europe to live and then named their new daughter.

E.J. badmouths Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) which causes Sami to defend her ex-husband. Bo interrupts and presses Sami for what she remembers about the woman wearing black.

Thinking, Sami fears that it was Marlena (Deidre Hall).

Upset he hasn't met his grandson yet, Stefano tells E.J. to start ordering Sami around. But when E.J. claims it's time for their son to meet Stefano, Sami refuses.

Hope guesses the wedding was tough for Marlena, she then leaks that Belle never ended things with Philip. Marlena finds it hard to believe but Hope reveals that they slept together.

Hope adds that Belle promised it would never happen again.

Marlena suggests that it's over but Hope reveals Belle's lie right before the wedding. She shows her Belle's phone and doesn't answer when Marlena asks if she's kept this only to herself.

Later on, Belle panics when she realizes that her phone is probably at Bo and Hope's place. Bo asks Marlena if she was at Sami and E.J.'s wedding.

Days of Our Lives
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