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Days of Our Lives

Episode Recap, 11-28-07

Nick warns Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) that an angry Ford might try to retaliate because of all the flyers they've put up about him 'round campus. Chelsea vows not to stop but then Cordy bemoans her fear of the guy, so Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) offers to take her back to the sorority house.

Chelsea tells Nick about how she wants to sneak into Ford's place in order to get evidence to give to Bo. Nick is reluctant but eventually, he offers his help.

Called out on the carpet for ruining a footprint at the crime scene, Shawn apologizes to Bo (Peter Reckell) who lectures him about making such a big mistake and accepting responsibility. Later, Shawn admits that Belle (Martha Madison) wrote the letter that kept him out of the academy.

Roman (Josh Taylor) offers to step in and say a few words on Shawn's behalf, in hopes that this won't permanently hurt his chances of becoming a cop... but Bo stops him.

As Belle stops by the penthouse, Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks if she's happy now that she's married to Shawn. Belle guesses that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) told her that she slept with Philip and tries to deny that she did. Marlena presses her for the truth but Belle keeps avoiding the question.

Marlena warns that she can't have Philip as a friend if she intends to make her marriage work. Belle then finds Shawn, admitting he made a mistake at a crime scene. Belle calls Philip and accepts his offer to be with him one night in exchange for him helping Shawn with his career...

Days of Our Lives
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