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Nick is far from pleased when Chelsea breaks a window so that they can slip in to Ford's place. Although he wants to leave, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) remains and finds Ford's webcam and diary. They figure out Ford's keeping track of all the girls he's sleeping with and discover there was another from Chelsea's house. Chelsea tells Nick (Blake Berris) she thinks Ford is using prescription drugs to knock out his victims.


Hearing Ford, the two hide and witness their target bringing another coed home. But when he spots the open diary and broken window, Ford sends his victim home, grabs his diary and runs out. Nick and Chelsea slip out the window but later, when Ford catches them, they deny the break-in. Philip advises Kate (Lauren Koslow) that her gun was stolen from his car.


Out in the alley, Shawn witnesses two guys making a deal for a gun with no serial # but the buyer says it's dirty and taken from a car near the Titan offices. Shawn jumps the seller and grabs the gun as the man runs off. Belle (Martha Madison) goes to meet Philip at a hotel while Shawn runs to Bo (Peter Reckell).


Philip kisses Belle and forces her to leave. Chloe runs into her and after a hug, assumes she's with Shawn and asks to see him. At the cabin, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) arrives with the bag containing Marlena's outfit and the gun. Bo's shocked to learn she fired a shot as Sami and E.J. wed.

Roman finds Kate and places her under arrest.

Days of Our Lives
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