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Days of Our Lives: November 5, 2007 Recap (Part One)
Kayla and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) talk about Ciara, Pocket and taking care of Sami's twins. Hope then hints about a secret and eventually reveals that Belle slept with Philip. Shocked, Kayla agrees that by not telling Shawn, Hope is protecting him. The two then argue about telling Bo the truth.

Days of Our Lives: November 5, 2007 Recap (Part Two)

Belle (Martha Madison) regrets she had sex with him and hints that Hope knows the truth. Philip asks if they can have sex again. She pushes him away and orders him to get out. Instead, he demands she tell him to his face that she wants Shawn and even though she does so, he won't leave. He kisses her, she responds, and Belle pushes him away. In spite of Bo's input, Commander Flynn advises Shawn that he won't be in the academy this year.

Days of Our Lives: November 5, 2007 Recap (Part Three)

Bo (Peter Reckell) suggests Shawn volunteer at the station house in hopes the board will accept him in January. Later, Shawn stops Bo from arranging for him to work with the Salem police because he needs to get a job so he can support his family. Bo urges him to forget about Philip but Shawn finds that hard to do. Bo meets Hope and Kayla and after Kayla leaves, Hope stuns him with the secret about Belle sleeping with Philip.

Shawn finds Phili and blames him for writing the letter that cost him the academy. Philip denies it and after he's gone, Belle admits she wrote the letter.

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