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Insisting Shawn be told that Belle cheated on him, Bo asks Hope why she didn't tell him. Hope claims she was trying to protect their son. She stops Bo from calling Shawn and though Bo asserts that Philip will make sure Shawn knows that he slept with Belle, he agrees not to say anything.

Episode Guide, Part One

Belle admits she wrote the letter that ruined his chance of getting into the Police Academy because she thinks it's too dangerous to be a cop. Shawn asks why she didn't tell him her concerns earlier. While they talk, Belle (Martha Madison) remembers sleeping with Philip and is stunned when Shawn impulsively asks her to marry him. She claims it's not the right time but agrees to tie the knot on Thanksgiving.

Episode Guide, Part Two

Bo and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are stunned by the news. When Stephanie has trouble during her first shift tending bar at the Cheatin' Heart, Max (Darin Brooks) quickly steps in and offers his help any time she needs it. The two have fun talking about drinks until Morgan arrives and distracts Max. She admits she was wrong to drive Ford home last night and leaks that some kids are blaming Cordy and her for what Ford did. Stephanie's not happy as Morgan kisses Max goodbye.

Episode Guide, Part Three

A loud-mouthed Ford demands a beer but Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) won't serve him. Ford smashes a glass, Max grabs him and threatens to beat him if he doesn't get out. Nick invites a thrilled Chelsea to the ball. Jett warns that Ford may get away with rape because his dad is a high-powered attorney and that Cordy is the only eyewitness. Nick and Chelsea promise to make sure Cordy shows up for the hearing.


Jett (Marcus Patrick) congratulates Nick on how he helped protect those two boys. Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) asks Nick to kiss her. E.J. asks Sami to pick a destination for their honeymoon but Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) rips up the brochures. E.J. (James Scott) demands that Sami (Alison Sweeney) bring him his son and shows a court order. He also reveals he's booked the church for their wedding tomorrow night.

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