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As Days of Our Lives resumes, admitting that Stefano has taken a "turn for the worse," E.J. insists to Sami and Lucas that he and Sami (Alison Sweeney) will officially wed tomorrow.

After Lucas leaves, E.J. demands that Sami bring him his son. She does so and says that from now on, the baby's needs come first, not his dad's.

Lucas confronts Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) and accuses him of sending assassins to kill his mother. Stefano denies it and tries to find out details but Lucas storms out.

Saying Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn don't want him around, Philip argues with Kate that Belle loves him and boasts that they had sex.

Kate says that if he loves Belle, he'll leave her alone but Philip vows to stop her from marrying Shawn. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) interrupts and tells Kate that Stefano had nothing to do with the attack on her.

He guesses she and E.J. were responsible.

  • Lucas calls E.J. (James Scott) and tricks him into telling the truth.
  • Lucas is outraged and again, Kate claims she was simply protecting her son.

After Bo takes Shawn downstairs to talk about the upcoming wedding, Belle tells Hope that she couldn't turn down the marriage proposal because Shawn would have asked questions.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) warns her not to marry her son out of guilt. She also leaks that Bo knows she slept with Philip. Bo tries to convince Shawn to put off a wedding but he refuses.

Hope and Belle are relieved as Shawn says that Bo gave them his blessing. Philip calls Belle but she hangs up on him after she mentions her plans. Lucas asks Bo and Hope for help stopping Sami and E.J.'s wedding.

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