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Days of Our Lives / Recap Part One: When the priest asks Sami if she'll take E.J. as her husband, she hesitates. E.J. urges her to do as she's told to keep her family safe. After they're pronounced husband and wife, E.J. wants to kiss her but she stops him. Shots ring out and E.J. falls to the church floor. As the police start to investigate, E.J. mumbles to Stefano that he can't feel his legs. Stefano sits with Sami (Alison Sweeney) and tells her that only she can give E.J. the will to live. Bo returns to find Shawn hard at work, filing papers.

Days of Our Lives / Recap Part Two: Shawn calls Belle (Martha Madison) at the Pub but is disconnected when Philip enters and surprises her. Philip helps take her to the hospital when Claire is burned by spilled coffee. Shawn tells Bo (Peter Reckell) that he's decided not to do anything about the letter because he's still Claire's father. Bo then gets a call about the shooting at the church. At the church, Sami tells Bo that if a Brady did this, the vendetta will continue. Bo is told shots were fired from three different places.

Days of Our Lives / Recap Part Three: Lucas returns home, pays a babysitter and then reacts with glee after she's gone. Billie interrupts and reports the shooting. She's surprised to know it was E.J. who was shot, and that he may not survive. He explains he was at the church, heard three shots and then left after he saw Sami was okay. Lucas insists he didn't shoot E.J. but does lie about not owning a gun. Steve returns to the Pub and hides a gun behind the bar. At the hospital the surgeon advises Sami that E.J. has lost a lot of blood and has a spinal cord injury. Hearing this, Stefano promises the vendetta will continue if his son dies.

Days of Our Lives
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