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Days of Our Lives: 10.19.07

At John's funeral, Stefano gets out of his wheelchair and walks to Marlena. He claims he liked John (Drake Hogestyn) but she orders him to get out. As he leaves, he hopes there are no more funerals for her family.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) panics at the thought while Kate advises E.J. that Sami is all his now. He disagrees and suggests that he may need her help getting Sami to the altar.

Part One

Before they wheel out John's coffin, Kate remembers one last happy moment she shared with John.

While Marlena retreats to the empty penthouse, Max helps Stephanie cope as she's reminded of when her mother had to deal with Steve's "death." Billie warns Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) to be extra careful on campus because of the rapist. Reminding her of Stefano's ominous parting words, Lucas tells Sami that he thinks she needs to marry E.J.

Part Two

Thinking of John and how he really didn't know the guy, Tony introduces Anna to Lexie and invites them out to dinner with him and Abe, boasting that they are all survivors of Stefano's evil doings. The elder Shawn offers a toast in John's honor. Steve and Kayla return to the ICU where they eye Pocket who has been returned by the foster parents due to the same symptoms. When Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) arrives, Steve points out that the baby's symptoms prove that they are not to blame for what's ailing the tyke.

Philip insists he's Tyler and gets into a fight with Steve until Kayla stops them. Belle talks with Marlena about the sorrow after you lose a loved one.

The End

Marlena (Deidre Hall) claims she's never felt such grief. Sami arrives and after she jumps into bed with Marlena and Belle, they decide it would be best if Sami and Belle were to move in with her. Marlena thanks them for the offer but won't allow it.

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