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  • As Days of Our Lives resumes, Kate tries to explain her actions to Lucas who announces that she is out of his life forever.
  • As E.J. holds back Sami who wants to try to remove the bombs attached to Roman, he warns Andre that Stefano has ended the vendetta.
  • Andre doesn't believe him but E.J. insists that he and Sami have agreed to get married.
  • Sami quickly denies it but says she will marry E.J. if her family is safe. E.J. suggests Andre call Stefano.

Roman pleads with Sami to get out but she refuses. Bo advises Hope that Benjy was found dead. He asks her to be there when Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) finds out. When the guard from the hospital rushes in, Bo realizes Stefano's in trouble and orders everyone to the hospital.

Steve warns Stefano that he's going to kill him and explains that Andre replaced Roman with Benjy and, as a result, Benjy was found dead in the coffin. Stefano is shocked but when Steve points his gun at him, Stefano warns that if he kills him, the vendetta will continue forever.

Stefano then starts to mourn Benjy and admits how much he liked his son. This infuriates Steve even more but Stefano claims he's not afraid to die. Bo (Peter Reckell) calls Steve and tries to stop him but Steve claims he must finish what Benjy tried to do at the funeral.

When Bo arrives, he and the others find Stefano is gone. Sami calls Bo about Roman and the bomb which will go off in less than five minutes. All eyes turn to a TV bulletin which shows Steve holding Stefano at gun point, vowing to kill him unless Andre brings him Roman.

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