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Part One

Back at the Alpha Chi Theta sorority, Chelsea and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) meet Morgan who explains that they will have 48 hours to work together to raise money for the Raven House Women's Shelter. She adds that the team that raises the most money legally will be admitted to the sorority. Later, Chelsea and Stephanie make fun of Morgan's charitable efforts and Chelsea wonders why they would want to join the sorority.

Part Two

Hearing Adrienne is short-handed tonight, the two offer to wait on tables in hopes of making big tips for the shelter. But as they eye a good looking customer, the two come up with the idea of holding a "guy" auction in which coeds will bid for dates with Salem University "hunks." As the timer counts down on the bomb attached to Roman, he pleads with Sami to get out. But before it explodes, Andre stops it. E.J. urges him to bring Roman to the TV station. On the broadcast, a captive Stefano asks Andre to do just that.

Part Three

Looking for Sami, Lucas learns from Bo that she's in mortal danger. Bo, Hope and Lucas rush to the TV station so they can talk with Steve (Stephen Nichols). Andre calls Steve and convinces him to trade their captives but Steve gives him only 10 minutes to get to the station. Before leaving, Andre ties up Sami and E.J. at the Pub and turns on the gas before heading out with Roman.

Part Four

When he brings Roman inside, Andre ignores Stefano's assurances that E.J. and Sami will marry and claims there will be no wedding. After Lucas runs out to find Sami, Stefano lays into Andre for ruining everything he has done for E.J. Andre is outraged that he's ignored him. Bo grabs Andre who quickly puts a gun to Hope's head. Bo convinces Steve to drop his gun but Andre refuses to release Hope.

Lucas arrives at the Pub and finds Sami cradling a dazed E.J., begging him not to die...

Days of Our Lives
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