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Days of Our Lives Recap: 10/30/07

Part One... As Days of Our Lives resumes, Cordy prepares to move out of the sorority house when a drunk Ford bursts in with his date. He wants more to drink but Max tries to stop him as he heads to the kitchen. Max then presses Cordy to admit that it's because of her date with Ford that she's leaving. Ford later tries to pick a fight with him but Max warns him to back off. Steve goes searching after he and Kayla hear a noise and discover Stephanie is back. She announces that she's moving back home and then confides to her mother about what she did with another guy earlier tonight to make Max jealous.

Part Two ... Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) urges her to give up on Max but Steve offers to help get them back together and invites her to work at the Cheatin' Heart with him. As they stand on the bomb in the closet, Nick urges Chelsea not to panic and manages to place a heavy TV set on the weight-activated bomb as they step off, allowing them to go free. However, the device starts beeping but Umar Abboud pulls them out of the closet. Umar later determines the bomb was not set to explode, just to scare them.

Part Three... With Billie and Jett (Marcus Patrick) there, Umar announces to Nick that the boys' father is alive and that it is safe for them to be returned to him. Billie asks who kidnaped her daughter and learns that it was the father's enemies who have been arrested. Chelsea then cries as Nick (Blake Berris) says a tearful goodbye to the boys. The next day, Morgan wakes Max with a kiss as he sleeps on the couch. She lets him know that Chelsea is okay but he worries that Ford might have done something to Cordy on their date.

Jett is glad to see Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is okay and invites her out to dinner later. She turns him down and goes to Nick who agrees to take her back to the sorority. There, she calls him a hero.

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