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Days of Our Lives, Part I (10-8)

After Lauren falls down the stairs, Shawn (Frank Parker) rushes to get help while Philip stays with the woman. As she's taken upstairs, Lauren wakes and recognizes Philip who asks her if his son is alive. Lauren mumbles "yes." Belle later tells Shawn that once he's out of the hospital, they can set a wedding date. She promises that she is focusing on their relationship from now on. Meanwhile, the doctor is unable to save Lauren's life. Philip interrupts Shawn and Belle (Martha Madison) with the terrible news. He thanks Shawn for his help. Billie arrives and offers her help finding Tyler.

They wonder what Lauren was doing at the hospital.

Days of Our Lives, Part II (10-8)

Philip guesses that Tyler is in Salem.

At the Pub E.J. learns from Sami (Allison Sweeney) that Roman (Josh Taylor) will be fine. When he asks why she's not thrilled by the news, she reminds him that she has to marry a man she hates and can't be with the one she loves. He counters that she made the choice but Sami claims her hand was forced but adds that as soon as Stefano is dead, she's out of the marriage. E.J. states that he wants her to marry him because she wants to be with him. When he mentions sharing a bed, she stops him and insists it will never happen. The two talk about where they will live once they are married and Sami insists it will not be across the hall from Lucas nor will they live at the DiMera mansion. E.J. argues that they must have sex in order to honestly end the vendetta.

Sami tells him they can just lie to Stefano

Days of Our Lives
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