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Part I

In Tulsa at the hotel Philip surprises Belle with champagne and a special dinner for her. She points out that there is only one bed in the honeymoon suite which was the only one available. After dinner, she tries to remove the blankets from the closet but ends up falling on them on the floor laughing with Philip. Expecting dessert, Philip answers a knock at the door and the two are surprised to see Shawn and Claire.

Part II

As he stares at them and the blankets, Philip claims that there is "nothing going on." Shawn then spots the champagne and asks Philip to take Claire downstairs for a moment. Belle accuses him of not trusting her and claims she's doing this for them. She becomes upset when he mentions his desire to join the police academy.

After an argument, Shawn decides to leave and wishes Belle well. Still in the cave, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) screams and again tells Max she thinks she saw a bear.

Part III

He goes out hunting and returns with a cuddly bunny.

Freeing the hare, Max admits he's worried about hurting her again which is why he's not reacting to her invitations to have sex. She kisses him but he reminds her that Jeremy is still a factor. Stephanie claims Jeremy is out of her life and so the two start to have sex only to be interrupted by Bo and Kayla.

  • Lucas claims to have a surprise for Sami (Alison Sweeney).
  • But when he leaves and a dancing clown enters, she's shocked to hear Andre's voice.

Part IV

Threatening her to keep quiet, Andre hops into bed with her and pesters her with questions about Stefano's murder. He guesses that Stefano is alive and that the Salem P.D. are trying to trap him. Sami insists she doesn't know what he's talking about and doesn't know where Steve is.

  • Just then, Lucas returns and so the clown leaves.
  • Once he's gone, Sami blurts out it was Andre so Lucas gives chase but fails to grab him. She later tells Roman that Andre thinks it's a set up and Roman confirms it.
Days of Our Lives
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