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Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part I

Jett (Marcus Patrick) advises Abe that he'll help with the search for Roman while he waits for reassignment with the ISA. Abe reveals that the ISA has fired him for what happened and that it's unlikely he could even get a job with the Salem police. Chelsea confides in Stephanie that Jett confessed his love for her while he was in the ambulance but then insists that she loves Nick.

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part II

Stephanie presses her to go to Jett to get him to confirm that he loves her. Later, Abe (James Reynolds) thanks Chelsea for saving Jett's life while Stephanie takes a moment to talk with Jett about Jeremy. Chelsea then joins her and Jett reveals he's an ISA agent. Stephanie asks what he remembers after he was shot and realizes that he can't recall telling Chelsea he loves her.

Chelsea suggests that Jett can get a job working security at Salem University with Billie (Julie Pinson).

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part III

As Stefano is complaining to his attorney about being locked up, Steve interrupts and points out the fact that Roman disappeared once he went looking for Andre. Stefano hints to Steve that Roman may not be dead but then doesn't say anything else about it. Steve tells Stefano that he wants to make a deal about Andre. He offers to keep him away from the police as long as Benjy is safe.

Stefano accepts the offer and Steve leaks that the police know where Andre is hiding out.

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part IV

As Rolf sends Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) out, he uses chalk to write some symbols on the funeral parlor door which Steve later eyes. Kayla catches Jeremy in the house and accuses him of breaking in. He denies it and shows her a key as proof that Stephanie let him in. Kayla points out that Stephanie can now be arrested for helping hide him. Kayla tries to call the police but when he grabs the phone from her, she tries to take it back.

As she calls, Jeremy dials Stephanie so that she can hear him pleading with her mother not to turn him in. Stephanie runs home and asks her mother not to call the police.

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