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Part I

Kayla argues with Stephanie about her desire to help Jeremy, especially since he's going to jail for his crimes. Stephanie claims she loves him but Kayla asks about her feelings for Max. When Jeremy announces that he's leaving, Stephanie offers him money but Kayla reminds her that she could go to jail for helping him. Jeremy hands the ATM card back to Stephanie and tells her that her father was right.

Part II

  • He urges her to forget about him and asks to wait before they call the police.
  • He runs out, Stephanie blasts her mom for ruining everything.

Nick (Blake Berris) approaches Jett and apologizes for the way he's been treating him. Jett's suspicious when Nick offers his friendship but he eventually agrees to start anew. He then admits that he was fired from the ISA but when he adds that Chelsea is trying to get him a new job, Nick's jealousy rears its ugly head for a moment.

Part III

He then denies that he has a problem with Chelsea helping Jett, insisting he and she are just friends. Chelsea asks Billie if she would give Jett a job with security at the university. Billie eventually tells her to have Jett come by and see her. Nick arrives with the kids and Billie admits she has learned nothing about their parents. He tells her they may be from a powerful family outside the U.S. Jeremy takes Nick's keys from him.

Part IV

Bo finds Steve (Stephen Nichols) eyeing the strange markings on the door to the DiMera mansion and starts complaining about Andre.

Steve suggests that these chalk marks may lead them to Andre and Roman.

The two enter the mansion and then take cover when they spot Andre arriving, wearing a police uniform. Andre erases the chalk marks and, as he enters the house, he finds a note warning him to protect the folio. Steve then pops out and claims he's helping Stefano keep Andre from the police. He asks him to promise to leave Benjy alone in exchange for his help. Instead, Andre stabs him as they hug.

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