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Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, September 25, 2007 (I)

Visiting her father in the hospital, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) lets it slip to Steve that Jeremy is headed for Seattle and begs him not to tell the police. He agrees but asks if she'll be able to put him out of her life. As she admits that she loves Jeremy, Max secretly listens from out in the hall.

Kayla arrives and learns that Roman is missing and that Lucas and E.J. are being held hostage.

Stefano interrupts so Steve kicks everyone out so they can chat.

He then tells Steve that if they meet the demands in the folio, he will end Andre's reign of terror. Stephanie suggests to Max that they just be friends. Meanwhile, Jeremy has fun with the kids until Nick sends them to bed. He agrees to allow Jeremy to spend one night with them.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, September 25, 2007 (II)

When Chelsea starts pounding on the door, Jeremy hides so that Nick (Blake Berris) can make it a quick visit. Sensing he doesn't want to see her because of what happened earlier, Chelsea stays to argue. But after he again refuses to spend any time with her, she accuses him of hiding a girl there. Nick denies it but the kids rush out and let it slip that Jeremy is there.

Chelsea blasts Jeremy for getting Nick in trouble again. Jeremy tries to leave but a stranger named Umar Abboud arrives, looking for the kids. He claims they are the sons of a very powerful Sudanese politician and that their lives are in danger.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, September 25, 2007 (III)

After Bo confirms that Lucas and E.J. are Andre's prisoners, he shows Sami (Alison Sweeney) that he has the folio and warns that he read what's inside. Sami reads it and is exasperated. Bo claims this shows it's not up to her to end the vendetta but she claims just the opposite.

Bo leaves to get her something to eat but when he returns, she is gone, having received a call from Andre warning her that she was late to the meeting place.

Angry that Sami skipped out on him, Bo decides to call a family meeting to read the final translated letters Julie and Doug have. Accusing her of wanting E.J., Andre takes Sami to him and Lucas and asks her to pick which of the two will die.

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