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Days of Our Lives: September 26 Episode Guide, Part 1

Julie reads the final translated letter to everyone.

In the letter, Santo is finally reunited with Colleen. Though she announced that her entire life has been pointed toward being a nun, Colleen told Santo that she chose to be with him.

Later, Colleen prepared to tell Father Mallory but before she could, Santo returned and gave her a diamond ring as a symbol of their future together.

She told him the ring was too much and asked him to take it back but he refused. Colleen then told the priest that she won't be a nun. She handed the ring to Father Mallory and said goodbye to Shawn before leaving.

Warning that Roman's life depends on her actions, Andre offers Sami a gun and tells her to chose to end Lucas Roberts' or E.J.'s life. Lucas gets Andre to give them a moment alone.

Days of Our Lives: September 26 Episode Guide, Part 2

He tells Sami to run out while she has the chance and forget about him so that she can raise their twins. E.J. also urges her to leave but she refuses. Andre returns so Sami aims the gun at E.J. but then shoots Lucas in the leg. In the confusion, Sami grabbed a pipe and start beating Andre.

She then unties a bleeding Lucas and then E.J. who runs outside to call for help. E.J. returns but then gives chase when Andre tries to run off. Sami confides to Lucas that she read the folio and the process of ending the vendetta involves E.J.

Days of Our Lives: September 26 Episode Guide, Part 3

When Chelsea Brady wonders aloud why this powerful father would hand over the care of his two boys to a prostitute, Umar Abboud asks where they are. Nick lies that they are with a sitter and tries to get him to leave. Instead, Umar calls out for the boys and they come running.

Nick refuses to allow him to take them and turns down money when he's offered a bribe.

Umar punches Nick and grabs the children. Jeremy bursts into the room and holds Umar at gun point for a moment before he runs out. Jeremy asks them not to tell Stephanie he was in Salem and then exits before the police arrive. Still in the coffin, Roman Brady is surprised when the lid opens.

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