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Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part I (9/27)

Limping from the bullet wound, Lucas finds Bo with Steve at the hospital and asks if they might have seen Sami (Alison Sweeney). Bo advises him that the note inside the folio claimed that if E.J. and Sami were married, the vendetta would be over. Sami shows the folio to E.J. Inside, he finds two wedding rings and a marriage license. E.J. reads Santo's note for Colleen in which he claimed that when Santo and Colleen are reunited, peace will come to the Brady family. Sami tells E.J. that Stefano must think that when she marries E.J., his father will be at rest. Hope shows the final two translated letters and reads them, starting with Santo's.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part II (9/27)

Santo wrote to Colleen about the anguish he felt when Father Mallory wouldn't help reunite him with her. He turned to Shawn for help talking to Colleen. In the final letter, it's revealed that Shawn told Colleen the truth about Santo's marital status. While Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) insists that Sami will not divorce him to marry E.J., E.J. is pleased when Sami agrees to marry him. Later, Lucas finds them and hears that she has come to a decision about Stefano. He is accepting when Sami lies about not knowing what to do.

The elder Shawn is not pleased when Stefano confronts him at the cemetery.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide, Part III (9/27)

Stefano points out that it seems the Brady family is now much stronger than the DiMeras and suggests they work together to end the vendetta. Shawn remembers when the young Santo leaked that his mother was very much alive. Stefano claimed that after Colleen died, a part of Santo died with him and he lashed out at the Bradys, blaming them. Unimpressed with his story, Shawn blames this mess on Stefano's desire for revenge and blames his family for Colleen's death. E.J. and Sami meet Stefano in his limo and announce that want to marry but in name only and only after Roman is returned.

Realizing Andre was driving the coffin to the cemetery, Abe and the others start digging and find the coffin, finding Benjy dead inside. The elder Shawn decides to tell Bo how he killed his sister.

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