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Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, 9/28/2007 (I)

Chelsea wants to leave the rush party at the sorority house, but Stephanie convinces her to stay. Two of the members advise that if they hope to be asked to pledge, they'll have something that makes good candidates. Chelsea gets another to reveal that coming from a rich or well-known family will help anyone get a pledge.

  • Bambi advises them to go get their pins to show their interest in becoming "sisters" but though Chelsea fears she will ruin Stephanie's chances, she takes a pin as does her friend.
  • After they pull Benjy's body from the coffin, Steve works furiously to administer CPR. Abe claims they're too late. Later, Steve vows to get even with Stefano but Abe (James Reynolds) warns him to calm down.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, 9/28/2007 (II)

Bo convinces the elder Shawn to tell Marlena and the others what happened years ago with Colleen and Santo. Shawn explains that Colleen left her huge diamond ring for the church poor and ran after Santo. He followed her to a cliff where they reunited. Santo warned that she would never be able to see her father again since he was taking her to New York. But when he suggested they could take Shawn with them, Colleen refused because it would be too painful for her father.

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) goes on to admit he ran to fetch their father and Pete returned and forced his son to tell Colleen that Santo's wife was still alive. Colleen was outraged but Santo claimed they were meant to be together. Later, during Colleen's ceremony to officially become a nun, she spotted Santo and Stefano and ran out of the church. Her father followed and, finding her habit lying near the edge of the cliff, feared she had fallen to her death in the crashing waves below.

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