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Outside Stefano's hospital room, Bo (Peter Reckell) enlists Tony's help in keeping the DiMera patriarch in the hospital. He explains that he intends to fake Stefano's death in order to trap Andre.

Part One

Tony suggests that he ask Steve to pose as Stefano's killer in order to fool Andre. Running to her father for help, Stephanie tells Steve about the trouble Jeremy faces because of his secret smuggling business. After she insists she had no knowledge of what he was doing, Steve asks her to steer clear of her boyfriend until he's able to work this out.

Part Two

Stephanie states that Jeremy loves her and can fix this problem. Later, Bo arrives and after Bo leaks Tony's idea that he be Stefano's phony killer, Steve laughs at the thought and agrees. Kayla's not happy when she hears the plan. E.J. interrupts Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas to thank Lucas for saving his life. Lucas leaves to met Kate so Sami assures E.J. that her unborn babies are fine. Lucas returns to report he's going to protect his frightened mother and orders E.J. to stay away from Sami.

Part Three

Instead, E.J. slips back inside after Lucas leaves. He then accuses Sami of wanting him, pointing out the kiss she gave him while performing CPR. Sami insists she loves only her husband. Meanwhile, when Kate admits she fears for her life, Lucas suggests she go to the police but she refuses and won't stay with him and Sami. He then urges her to go to Roman for help.

Roman suddenly arrives and Lucas is shocked when he offers Kate his place to keep her safe.

The End

Tony urges Stefano to remain in the hospital even after Stefano tells him about his dream in which the Brady family killed him. After Tony promises to protect him, Stefano offers him the DiMera fortune.

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