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In her hospital room, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is reluctant to read the latest translations of Colleen and Santo's letters with EJ, but he insists.

As they read, Sami accuses Santo of manipulating Colleen in order to get what he wants, while EJ insists Santo was in love, and that they were destined to be together.

Episode Recap, Part I

In the flashbacks, Sister Mary Anne tells Father Mallory she saw Colleen's scarf in Santo's hotel room. They confront Colleen, who lies and says she was never there. Sister Mary Anne knows she's lying, and demands Father Mallory kick her out of the order.

But Santo comes in with Mrs. Fitzpatrick, the woman who looks after his son, and she is wearing the scarf in question. They lie and say Mrs. Fitzpatrick was in the room when the sister came over.

Father Mallory forces Sister Mary Anne to apologize.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick then asks the priest if Colleen can help her take care of the neighborhood children. Colleen realizes it was engineered by Santo so she would be at his hotel on a regular basis.

Episode Recap, Part II

On the final flight to Vegas, Jett (Marcus Patrick) warns Max that the ISA is going to bust Jeremy and Rawlings as soon as they're all together.

Max asks for time to get the illegal immigrants to safety.

Meanwhile, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) tells Jeremy her father offered to help him. Jeremy is angry that she blabbed to her father and states he doesn't trust Steve. He tells Stephanie he's decided to run as soon as they reach Vegas, in order to avoid any chance that he'll be sent back to jail. He asks her to go with him.

An upset Stephanie informs Chelsea that Jeremy asked her to go on the run with him. Chelsea tells Jett, while Stephanie tells Max - and admits she doesn't know whether or not she's going to go with Jeremy.


Nick confides to Billie that he doesn't think Artemis and DeMarquette are really China Lee's kids. They speak foreign languages and show other signs of a first-class, expensive education. China Lee couldn't afford the kinds of schools these kids went to. Nick is afraid they were kidnapped.

Billie is skeptical, since it would've made the news, but Nick speculates that the kidnappers warned the real parents not to tell anyone. Billie agrees to use her contacts to find out more about the kids. Later, Nick leaves with the boys, and they're followed by a strange man.

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