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Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, Part I

After Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) assures the women waiting in the Las Vegas bar that they will soon be out of trouble, Max asks Stephanie if Jeremy can do the right thing. She claims he'll run the first chance he gets and she'll be right behind him. Stephanie then urges Jeremy to stay but he asks if she's coming with him and refuses to stay any longer. He kisses her goodbye but she chases after him. Max tells Ilsa that the cars will be there soon to take her and the others to the airport.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, Part II

She worries about Rawlings and kisses Max in thanks for his help. Meanwhile, Jett advises his fellow ISA agents that the target tonight is Rawlings. Jett approaches Chelsea and Max and asks about Jeremy. Stephanie reports that he is gone. Jett offers to fly the women out of Vegas even though it could jeopardize his career. Max convinces Stephanie to go with him. Jett urges Chelsea to leave but she refuses. The two keep talking until Jett is shot by a hidden Rawlings who heads to the plane and surprises Max.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap, Part III

As Sami and E.J. (James Scott) read Santo and Colleen's letter, it's revealed that Colleen met with Santo and wondered how they could both abandon their duty to church and family to be together. Sami's upset when E.J. keeps comparing them to the two in the letters. The letter goes on to reveal the two had sex that night for the first time. Afterwards, Santo asked her to run away with him. Instead, she walked out on him.

  • E.J. tells Sami that he loves her and will not give up until she is with him.
  • Thanks to an injection from a nurse, Sami begins to get drowsy so E.J. decides it's time to kiss her.
  • When he doesn't stop, she suddenly snaps out of her daze and orders him to get out.
Days of Our Lives
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